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ownCloud is a very well supported open source file sharing application: a private alternative to iCloud, various Google services and the like. There are native synchronization apps for all of the usual phone and desktop operating systems; as well as all sorts of third party stuff that works using the webdav, caldav etc standards.

I have it set up here for file sharing and synchronization, calendar, and contacts. If I know you and you would like an account, you know how to reach me.

My private server is here.

Email and Lists

I host private email accounts and mailing lists at this domain.

If you have an email account you can log in here. If you want one for some reason, let me know.

If you are on one of the email lists, there are links to self-service web pages at the bottom of the messages you receive.

Voice services

I also host a private Asterisk PBX, which can do pretty much any crazy thing you'd want to do with a voice telephone or a softphone app. It is way more flexible than the ordinary VOIP service you get from telecom and cable companies, like having a private Google Voice server of your own that you can set up however you like. Right now mine connects three physical locations. You can't access mine unless you call one of my outside phone numbers, or you talk to me about the special sauce.